Weekly Paper

a walk through Computer Science research, especially System Security, by Wenxuan SHI.

加油科研人!知识积累是研究的立身之本。为了更好的激励自己读论文,Weekly Paper用于记录我每周阅读的论文和对它的思考。

2021 Week 4

Notes on "REPT: Reverse Debugging of Failures in Deployed Software"

[*] 约饭可以咕,修电脑可以咕,女朋友可以咕,每周论文不能咕。献上本周读论文笔记。

REPT is an intergration in WinDbg. It is a practical system that enables reverse debugging of software failures in deployed systems with low runtime overhead. REPT only relys on the data in a memory dump, and analysis at the binary level instead of source code. REPT uses hardware support to log the control flow and timing information.

2021 Week 3

Notes on "DoublePlay: Parallelizing Sequential Logging and Replay"

DoublePlay finds a way to record and replay instructions running on multiple cores. It timeslices multiple threads on a single processor, then runs multiple time intervals (epochs) of the program concurrently on separate processors.

2021 Week 2

Notes on "Ninja: Towards Transparent Tracing and Debugging on ARM"

Ninja makes use of Arm hardware feature like TrustZone, PMU, and ETM to build a transparent tracing and debugging tool.