Wenxuan SHI (whexy)

I am currently a junior student in Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Coding since my primary school. Love exploring the computer world. I got several awards in Programming Contest, such as NOIP and ICPC. Besides, I am fond with designing and developing useful applications. Now I am interested in System Security, with Fengwei ZHANG as my advisor.

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* I am looking for an internship this summer (Jun - August, 2021). Please see my résumé.



我从小学学习编程,喜欢探索计算机世界的新鲜事物。在程序设计竞赛中获得过一些奖项。 此外,我非常喜欢设计和开发实用应用程序。 现在,我对系统安全最感兴趣。接受张锋巍教授的指导。

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* 我正寻找今年暑期的实习(2021年6~8月)。 请看我的简历