a student obsessed with the computing world..

Year-4 Undergraduate

Year-4 Undergraduate

Senior UG student at SUSTech. Now a visiting student at NUS.

System Security

System Security

Focus on system security in Fengwei Zhang's COMPASS lab.

Wide-range Developer

Wide-range Developer

Rust, Swift, Go, Kotlin, OCaml, even Assembly. See my posts!


Writing is a way to breath. I mostly write about what I learnt.

Now I publish 23 posts. Last updated on Oct 16, 2021.

Curriculum Vitae/履历
Last updated: Sep, 2021

Who is SHI Wenxuan


Coding since primary school. Love exploring the computer world.

  • I got several awards in Programming Contest, such as NOIP, ACM/ICPC, and ASC.
  • I am fond with designing and developing useful applications.
  • My research interest is in System Security, with Professor Fengwei Zhang as my supervisor. flag{w3lc0m3_7o_WHEXy_Bl0g}

SHI Wenxuan


The name is SHI Wenxuan, I use he/him/his pronouns.

  • I work on topics related to system.
    I fight with the compiler, linker, OS, firmware, bootloader, etc.
  • I work on topics related to security.
    I keep eyes on the CVEs, vulnerabilities, malicious codes, etc.
  • I know nothing about artificial intelligence and repairing PCs.

TAG: System Security (be in a lab), Rustaceans (fall in love with Rust), Apple Guy (write Swift), music lover ...