My Home Automation Settings

My Home Automation Settings

Aug 5, 2023 02:55 AM
HomePod can detect temperature and humidity.
notion image
This tiny plug is called “Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini” by Meross (a Chengdu company)
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And in Home App, set automation like this:
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You can convert an AC into a thermostat!

My Automations


Turn off everything when no one is at home

  • Turn off lights, music, TV, and AC when nobody’s home

Turn on/off light according to my location and time

  • Turn on my room’s light and set to 75% brightness when I arrived home and time is after sunset

Turn on/off AC according to my location and room temperature

  • Turn on AC when temperature rises above 25°C and I’m at home
  • Turn off AC when temperature drop below 23°C

Morning Setup

  • Play “Wake Up” playlist on Apple Music via HomePod in my room at 8 AM
  • Turn on my room’s light and set to 100% brightness

Night Setup

  • Dim the lights to 10% brightness at bedtime
  • Turn off the light after 12PM